Energized business

3 months to shape the legal function and contract management of the future

Like many big companies, our client is undergoing a global digitalization of its activities. The corporate functions of the company should not be left out, and we share the conviction with our client, the group’s Legal Director, that to quickly launch an innovation approach for the company’s 450 lawyers and contract managers makes perfect sense, in order to take advantage of the new Legaltech technological solutions (documentary analysis by AI, chatbot, mobile learning…). 

50 dreams for legal and contract management functions and 10 key challenges to achieve them  

First, we take the time to understand. Understand employees’ “pain points”, understand their current ways of working and the tools they use, understand potential gaps between the service they provide and the expectations of their internal customers, understand their dreams, thanks to about thirty individual interviews and  an online questionnaire mode widely shared among the group’s legal, contract management and operational teams. 

To summarize, 100 frustration points expressed and fifty dreams of solutions that we rework in a workshop bringing together 30 people. 

At the end of half a day’s work, we get 10 key challenges summarizing the mostly shared expectations and needs, especially around knowledge sharing, the collection and sharing of data on a project, the optimization of time-consuming, repetitive and low-value-added tasks.  

Organize a meeting with digital actors in a “Start-up Fair” 

How do we respond to these 10 key challenges? There is nothing like seeing what the existing market is and looking for innovative experts points of view. 

We organize a “Start-up Fair” meeting between, on the one hand, about thirty lawyers and contract managers of the company, and, on the other hand, 12 start-ups from the legaltech world finely selected for their dynamism and relevance and 3 internal innovative projects. After a pitch session of the different solutions, each start-up and internal project hosts a stand to make demos, answer questions and propose business use cases for which their solution is relevant. 

At the end of the event, two objectives are completed: 

  1. Participants are aware of the world of digital innovations around their jobs 
  2. A dozen specific use cases are defined from the 10 key challenges and the most relevant solutions. For example, “ Optimize review of tenders and contracts thanks to AI,” “ Save time on recurring questions thanks to a chatbot,” “Benefit from personalized watch” 

An ambitious roadmap: 3 months to validate the relevance of the identified digital solutions within a dedicated framework 

We conclude the 3 months with a workshop day bringing together 50 legal managers and contract managers in the premises of the Blue Shaker, our collaborative space designed to take people out of their daily lives and place them in the rights conditions for creativity.  

Use cases are worked with our method: 

  • The Business Model Canvas: build a complete vision of a target solution that responds to the use case as if it were new service launched within the company 
  • Structuring experimentations: what minimum viable service should be tested in a few months? What are the KPIs of success? What is the most appropriate way to manage the experimentation? 
  • Participants’ commitment: who is interested in contributing to the experiment? 
  • Under which criteria should the experiments be prioritized in the next 12 months? Many criteria can be combined, such as the opinion of the participants of the different workshops, the opportunity of a “quick win”, the “management buy-in”. 

Accompanying measures are decided in terms of managerial actions and mobilization in order to maintain the momentum. An agile project governance, as well at the level of the whole digital program that to the level of each experiment, guarantees the success and good pace of deployment of the first experiments launched in the aftermath.

For more information, please contact  Armand Jiptner : armand.jiptner@bengs-lab.com